how we work

How we work

Make an appointment with Laura and Natalie

The first step in having a garment made with Laura Souster Couture is to book an appointment with Laura and Natalie and visit the shop, this will be your chance to discuss with Laura and Natalie exactly what you're looking for, or get advice if you are unsure of what you want. This appointment will hopefully give you ideas to go home with and then visit again when you are certain what you want to have made.
When visiting the shop you will be able to see the detailing on the samples up close and feel the texture the fabrics and see all the cloth bunches, linings and styling choices available to you. Once you are happy and know what you want to have made, then the fun part begins and you can start to design your own garments.

The fun part - Designing your garments

Fabric and linings - By this stage you would have discussed with Laura and Natalie what occasion your garments are for and they therefore would have selected the best cloth bunches that are suitable for you to browse through. Once you have decided on your fabric you will then choose a beautiful lining to complement your fabric.

Style and design – Once your main fabric is chosen you can then start to decide on the style you want your garment to be; whether you want a working button cuff, a back vent, what style lapel, wide leg trousers, with or without pockets. When you are happy with the style you can start to add the finishing designs like a contrasting collar or hand stitching, what type and how many buttons you want, right down to your own personal monogram. You can of course go for a very simple garment with no contrasting fabrics or stitching detailing, just classic and elegant the choice is yours.


Laura or Natalie will take basic waist, chest, hip and arm measurements from you and then the overall fit and measurements will be taken from the samples, which range from UK sizes 6-20. Together you, Laura and Natalie will decide where the samples need adjusting to fit your shape and how you feel comfortable wearing the garment, so don't worry if you are a size 12 on top and 14 on bottom, the measurements will be adjusted to suit your shape and your size.

When you can expect your garments to be ready

Once you are happy with everything and all details have been finalised your order will be processed and you can expect your garments to be ready in 5-6 weeks.

Final adjustments

Laura or Natalie will contact you when your garments are ready and arrange for a convenient day for you to come in and try your garments on. If everyone is happy with how the garments fit and no final adjustments are needed then you will be able to take your garments home. If there are any final adjustments needed then these will be done on the premises and take approximately 1 week. All trouser hems will be finished on the premises.
Once all final adjustments have been made and you are completely happy with the fit of your garments, Laura and Natalie will record all final measurements and patterns will be drafted where needed for any future orders you may wish to make. Your future orders will then just be a case of selecting what fabrics, linings and styling options you wish to have.